​every single word tumblr calls out the lack of diversity in hollywood

By editing together every word spoken by a person of colour in Hollywood blockbusters into tellingly short films.

by Charlotte Gush
09 July 2015, 1:01pm

New York-based writer and performer Dylan Marron has developed a very simple, but very effective way of illustrating the problem Hollywood has with representing people of colour. Marron takes blockbuster films, including Moonrise Kingdom, (500) Days of Summer, Her and many more, and edits them down to the screentime given to actors of colour with speaking parts. The films are collected on his Tumblr, Every Single Word (Spoken by a Person of Colour).

The results are undeniable. Moonrise Kingdom (1h34 in total) is the worst so far, clocking in at only 10 seconds, with 5 seconds taken up by the titles and end credits. Wes Anderson has repeatedly been criticised for his almost exclusively white casting, with Whoopi Goldberg recently joking that she would be prepared to do anything in order to inject some diversity into the director's films.

(500) Days of Summer (1h37 in total) is reduced to just 30 seconds (inclusive of titles and credits), and Her (2h06) amounts to just 46 seconds. Let's hope filmmakers take note of this creative and damning exposé; and they should if they want to win an Oscar, after the appointment of a new, more diverse wave of Academy members who will surely be more engaged with the topic of diversity than their predominantly white, male predecessors.

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