​10 things you need to know about Dilone

So cool they named her once! Meet Dilone, cover star of our new issue.

by Tish Weinstock
08 February 2016, 2:50pm

Dilone is the 21-year-old beauty from Long Island who's so cool she's only known by one name. Fresh as a daisy, she took the fashion world by storm when she walked in Bottega Veneta's autumn/winter 16 menswear show. Growing up in a very hectic Dominican household, Dilone would often put on plays with her nine "crazy" siblings, which is how she first fell in love with acting. But after being scouted by her mother agency DNA, she put her Hollywood dreams on hold and put her best feet forward onto the nearest catwalk. Here's 10 things you need to know about our newest cover star Dilone…

1. She doesn't take herself too seriously...
"I don't like the super serious side of modelling, it feels robotic. I love the more expressive sides that make you feel like you're channelling characters. I think it's fun!"

2. She loves to rap along to Drake...
"I love Andre 3000, J. Cole and Nas but I always end up with Drake."

3. This is what her best friends had to say about her, after she messaged them on their group chat...
"Hilarious, passionate, loyal"

4. She loves food...
"I really enjoy writing and dancing. But my love for food triumphs all. I love exploring new restaurants in New York and Bushwick. There's so much good food here!"

5. Her favourite icon is also known by one name...
"I grew up listening to Madonna with my older sister. She's my number 1!"

6. Denzel Washington would play her in the movie of her life...
"I mean have you seen Training Day?"

7. And the movie's soundtrack would be...
"A cross between trap music and Disney songs."

8. She once started a food fight at school and got suspended...
"I started a food fight on my last day of Junior year in high school. I got suspended my first three days of senior year but it was a memory I won't forget. No regrets!"

9. She has a kind heart...
"I hope to continue growing in this industry so I can use this as a platform to help children. I have a soft spot in my heart for kids who are talented but aren't able to showcase it."

10. She has some very wise words to say on the subject of beauty...
"Beauty to me means confidence. When you have confidence, it kind of makes others believe that their idea of beauty isn't all there is.


Photography Mario Sorrenti
Fashion Director Alastair McKimm
Dilone wears jacket and vest Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. T-shirt and earring stylist's studio
Dilone is with DNA Models.

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