nasir mazhar goes back to black for fall/winter 16

As LC:M gets underway, Princess Julia speaks to Nasir Mazhar about his fall/winter 16 vision.

by i-D Staff and Princess Julia
09 January 2016, 12:00pm

Jason Lloyd-Evans

Nasir's direct approach to dressing continues apace with a subtle reinvention of his signature style. Function foremost, fashion frivolity comes with abundant social commentary in the form of masked head to toe combatish attire. Nasir is deadly serious about his look. Peel back the layers of his latest shades of black collection to reveal body conscious themes; it's slashed to the waist modernity -- pants and tops with heaps of flesh on show. 

I particularly enjoyed his puckered fabric bombers and combat trews -- matchy-matchy but uncontrived if you know what I mean. Young men: you can stomp around in this gear to your hearts' content. Girls be fierce and proud. You really know you're onto something when the whole thing looks and feels effortless. But in fact, Nasir has well considered and complex theories to the way he dresses people. It's this don't mess with me attitude that places Nasir as a leader in the LC:M 2016 catwalk shows.

Are you on a fashion detox?
Honestly, that was like a cleanse for me. We were doing so much color and logos -- all of that kind of aesthetic -- and it kind of got a bit out of control. In a way, I felt I had to just go back to nothing, really. Now I can start coming back. A lot of the references that were in there are almost the beginning of what's to come for 2016.

How did you come up with the looks?
There were so many ideas to begin with. We never really base the collection on one, two or three ideas. Rather, we treat the collection as these are our specific fabrics and this is the technique we do. I had so many ideas, I just wanted to do all of them.

Describe your look this season?
There was rusching, there was that weird sculpture pleating, origami, there was that dropped hip, texture… I'm getting lost now!

Will you ever have color?
Back again? Of course, of course!

It's really uncool not to be diverse. It's not a good look. I'm not too, too specific. We treat everybody equally.


Text Princess Julia
Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

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