​chloë sevigny might be selling off her iconic fashion archive


by Lula Ososki
11 April 2016, 3:23pm


Actor, model and eternal NYC cool kid Chloë Sevigny appeared in a cryptic Instagram post yesterday, hinting that she might be selling off some of her iconic fashion archive. The image shared by stylist Hayley Wollens was of Chloë rifling through rails of her clothes (including the bunny ears from cult film Gummo), and it was captioned "SAVE YOUR LUNCH MONEY, KIDS. Something very major is happening soon in NYC" -- a caption that has now been mysteriously deleted.

Sevigny has hinted previously to the extent of her archive, revealing that she has "held on to most of my wardrobe from high school on" in a recent interview for her Jimmy Choo campaign. As we wait for more information on where and when, we can only cross our fingers, start emptying our piggy banks for loose change and hope.


Text Lula Ososki
Photography Haley Wollens via Instagram

chloe sevigny
Haley Wollens