slava lepsheev: music to... discover cxema

As we explore Kiev’s underground rave scene, discover the raw, DIY sounds of Cxema.

by James Hutchins and i-D Staff
31 May 2016, 8:29pm

Cxema is a hard and hypnotic techno night started by Slava Lepsheev in Kiev. As i-D delves deeper into the city's burgeoning scene, get to know the sounds of Cxema in this exclusive mix from Slava himself. 

"In this mix I tried not to recreate the atmosphere of some of the parties, but to transfer the Cxema mood in general. Inside you'll find ambient, house and techno of the 90-00s, Ukrainian musicians' tracks, as well as tracks from modern foreign producers which I would like to see on future Cxema's line-ups. I should add, there are not really any serious techno tracks like Ostgut Ton's stuff, though they could be heard at our first parties. We are always looking for a more independent sound for Cxema that questions the status quo of the contemporary techno scene that it claims."


1. Konakov - Climbing
2. Quadripart - Serenity
3. James Vs The Sabres Of Paradise ‎- Jam J (Amphetamine Pulsate)
4. Real By Real - I Won't Follow
5. Potreba - Affect
6. Wulffius - Salt Water
7. La Tour - Blue
8. Compassion Crew - V.H.S.S.
9. Buttechno - Yalta Digger
10. L/F/D/M - Greyscale
11. J-Zbel - ZHF (Poppers Mix)
12. The Micronauts - High Rise
13. D'Marc Cantu - Svetlana
14. K Hand - Global Warming
15. TXC - Paris By Air

Slava Lepsheev