exploring, elaborating, and exaggerating at astrid andersen fall/winter 17

On top of her signature luxury streetwear, Astrid Andersen brought accessories into the fold this season.

by Felix Petty
08 January 2017, 2:25pm

For fall/winter 17 Astrid Andersen took the idea of opulence as her starting point. In practice, that translated into lush burgundy velvets and shimmering golds. The press release heralded Astrid's commitment to exploration, elaboration, and exaggeration. But through it all ran the Danish designer's love of hip-hop fashion, and her mix of OTT masculinity with a delicate femininity that defines Astrid's army of buff boys.

Various takes on the tracksuit formed the backbone of this season's collection — a look and style Astrid has made totally her own on the London menswear scene. But she continued her desire to subvert it by introducing a range of new fabrications into her world: the aforementioned velvet, but also cord, lace, feathers, and fur.

There were two new elements dropped into Astrid's world this season: hats and sunglasses. Further expanding her creative vision into accessories, she's also recently launched her e-commerce shop, taking her world straight to the consumer. 


Text Felix Petty
Photography Finn Constantine

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