genesis p-orridge is the newest member of the marc jacobs family

Sharing a behind the scenes shot of the legend, the designer could hardly contain his excitement.

by Wendy Syfret
05 April 2016, 2:16pm

Image via Instagram

Marc Jacobs has never been one to hesitate about wearing his fandom on his sleeve. Throughout his career he has frequently cast his heroes in shows and campaigns. Sofia Coppola, Beth Ditto, and Winona Ryder have all made repeat appearances, and for spring/summer 16 he pretty much called up everyone in his phone book.

The latest addition to this (very) prestigious and cool club appears to be English musician, artist, writer, Throbbing Gristle founder and all-around legend Genesis P-Orridge. Marc, Genesis, and Parisian sound engineer Michel Gaubert all shared behind the scenes shots of Genesis across their social media yesterday.

Genesis said they were modeling Marc's fall/winter 16 collection, and casually dropped that Susan Sarandon was on hand to share cocktails. The self proclaimed occultist added "we both have deep friendships with Timothy Leary in common." Timothy—popularly known as the father of LSD—died in 1996, so we're really hoping there is some Genesis x Sarandon Ouija board action happening somewhere. It wouldn't be such a jump for Susan, who took their late friend's ashes to Burning Man last year.

Marc was less low-key about the whole thing, excitedly captioning his Instagram post: "When you just can't wait to LEAK. #genesisporridge #grrrrrlcanthelpit." Little else is know about the campaign, but judging by Genesis' perfect finger waves and smokey eye, it's probably going to result in a few i-D office beauty revolutions.


Text Wendy Syfret
Image via Instagram

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