the internet wants to know why the female power rangers are fighting in heels

It’s tough being a woman, especially when you’re fighting aliens in wedges.

by Wendy Syfret
10 May 2016, 1:11pm

In recent years we've seen more women represented in superhero movies, being treated as powerful equals rather than less capable sidekicks. Disappointingly, the wardrobe department doesn't always get the equal-opportunity memo. Just last month Cara Delevingne's costume in two big budget projects were called into question: her "boob armor" in Valerian and chainmail bikini in Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn costuming also drew eye-rolls.

Now an even more bizarre example of sexualizing female heroes has caught the internet's attention. This time it's not from the world of comics, but rather children's TV. Recently released shots of costumes from the upcoming Power Rangers Movie show the female characters (the Pink and Yellow Rangers) fitted in boob armor and heels.

In the original 1993 show the male and female Ranger wore the same spandex suits and boots, there wasn't a gendered difference. The anime inspired looks weren't particularly stylish, but they were practical, and allowed for the show's love of high kicks.

The reboot is taking a very different approach: rather than spandex, production designer Andrew Menzies explained to Entertainment Weekly that Rangers now wear "an alien costume that grows on [them] that's not man-made." He added that the change was a move to appeal to a "more mature audience." Certainly, it's a little more advanced than lycra, but the ladies could do without heels. Mature is a fitting term, but Twitter isn't happy about the sexed up look that has the characters more closely resembling Daft Punk-bots than their original selves.


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