take a trip to paradis3 with supreme skater sean pablo

The 17-year-old skater branches out on his own with his new clothing line.

by Matthew Whitehouse
15 October 2015, 2:35pm

Sean Pablo Murphy is cool. The LA-born skater broke out last year after nabbing a spot in Cherry, Supreme's first full-length skate video, in which her attracted as much attention for his look (chipped nail polish and high-water pants) as he did for his actual skating. A member of Jason Dill's F.A. Kids (an abbreviation for Dill's own brand, Fucking Awesome), Sean Pablo has already received backing from Converse CONS, set up his own photozine called Teen Stabbing, and become the face that launched a thousand gifs on fan Tumblr fuckingseanpablo. Now there's PARADIS3, the irreverent, graphic-based clothing label which Sean channels all his aesthetic influences into -- be they knowing nods towards the internet's impact on society or just his friend (and fellow Cherry kid) Aidan looking kinda weird. And yeah, did we mention he's 17?

Where in the world are you right now?
Paris, France.

What's been your favorite place to travel to?
Probably New York or Paris.

You like a lot of British music, New Order, The Cure, JAMC, Marine Girls. What is it you dig about that dark, 80s indie thing?
Drinking a six pack and dancing in the dark.

How does a typical day in LA look for you?
Tacos Delta, go skate, come home, maybe cry.

You really broke out following Supreme's Cherry… How did you come to be involved with those guys?
I met Bill Strobeck and Jason Dill. They're the best and hooked me up when I was just a random kid hanging at Supreme. Bill was already filming with some of the guys like Sage [Elsesser] and Nakel [Smith] and I guess i just went along with them. Eventually, I got on the team.

Where's better for skating: New York or LA?
NYC baaaby!

Tell us about how PARADIS3 came about. Has fashion always been something you were interested in?
Shit, I dunno. I always had ideas for stuff I wanted to make so it came about naturally... It kind of started with the Aidan shirt. If you haven't seen the shirt, it's a photo of my friend Aidan standing next to a bishop or some shit. I'm not exactly sure why, but Aidan looks so evil and crazy to me! I thought it would be so sick to make a shirt with that image on and I guess the rest came from there.

Who or what inspired the fall/winter line? Is there anyone outside the skate world that you take influence from?
Shit... a mixture of different stuff. I would say my influence, aesthetically, comes from all over the place. Ice cap fonts and old English is my favorite shit.

How does it feel that there's now this growing, non-skate audience into what you do? How do you retain a connection to the scene? Or does that not concern you much?
It's sick, man. I'm super stoked for the support. I don't know how I retain a connection to the skate scene. I guess I try not to think of it very much. I've always looked up to people that do their own thing.

What are your plans for 2016?
Create and destroy. Slow ride baby.... No limit shit! BLACK PARADI$$$E.

The fall/winter 15 line drops October 16 on PARADIS3.COM and Supreme stores worldwide October 19.



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