beyoncé wanted to sample news anchor’s anti-bey rant on her ‘formation' tour

"Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?" Tomi Lahren complains in the viral clip. Spoiler: she denied Queen B's request.

by Hannah Ongley
25 April 2016, 5:58pm

One of the many things that Beyoncé's powerful visual extravaganza Lemonade taught us is that Queen B has a sharp eye for killer samples. Conservative news anchor Tomi Lahren, who went viral after going on a messy rant about Beyoncé's Black Panther-referencing Super Bowl performance, was probably not one of the millions of people who streamed the album via Tidal over the weekend. However Lahren actually got a lesson in this sample mastery a few weeks earlier when Beyoncé's team approached her in the hopes of incorporating audio from the rant into Beyoncé's Formation world tour. 

The original clip features Lahren angrily spitting incorrect/offensive lines such as, "Beyoncé didn't reference the Black Panthers to bring about some kind of positive change, she did it to get attention," and, "Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?" There is also one golden moment when Lahren accidentally admits the pervasive oppressiveness of white supremacy by saying, "A salute to what? A group that used violence and intimidation to advance not racial equality but an overthrow of white domination? 

Beyonce's camp sent a letter to Lahren and TheBlaze, the network that produces Lahren's show, wanting to license the first 30 seconds of her rant, reports TMZ. Lahren has denied the request, writing on Twitter that she is "Not gonna be a part of a massive race bait." Unfortunately it's a little late for that, though Beyoncé is hardly the one to blame. 


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