video premiere: daphne guinness, 'fatal flaw'

Before he died David Bowie told the fashion icon to start recording the music she was writing. These are the results.

by i-D Staff
18 March 2016, 3:45pm

Daphne Guiness is an icon who needs no introduction. She's lived more than pretty much everyone, been artist, designer, muse, actress, model, society heiress, and now, following a conversation with the late David Bowie and his longtime collaborator Tony Visconti, Daphne has turned her expert hand, eye, and ear, to music. It's amazing it's taken Daphne 50 years to commit to working with music, as it sounds incredible: fresh, wild, youthful, full of her inimitable character, totally timeless. 

Following on from her debut single, "The Long Now," we're proud to premiere the new video for "Fatal Flaw." Co-written with Pat Doone and produced by Tony Visconti. Daphne explains the song was inspired by a walk. "We went walking, and Pat almost ate deadly nightshade and I said 'that's probably not a good idea'. But belladonna is what the Egyptians used on their eyes to make them bright. That's what inspired the song." It's a beautiful, rocking, psychedelic-laced, swirling glam stomp.

Daphne Guinness' debut album Optimist In Black is due out on May 27 through Agent Anonyme/Absolute

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