devon halfnight leflufy weaves a web of iphone cords for fall/winter 16

What do you get when you tangle linguistic theory in technological trash? One of NYFW: Men’s most unique collections.

by Emily Manning
05 February 2016, 11:20pm

In 2014, there was no hotter #artselfie opp than a shot with the works in Cory Arcangel's solo show tl;dr. The multimedia artist mounted a series of Lakes, flatscreen TVs featuring images of celebs filtered with early net graphics. On one level, the humor was simple and immediate: Arcangel positioned a pap snap of Britney Spears leaving a bodega in a pair of Uggs next to the cover of Hillary Clinton's memoir. But the lols were couched in smart pop observations and nuanced conceptual thinking. In the digital age, our tech and cultural obsessions combine to produce a new artistic language — one that Devon Halfnight LeFlufy proved fluent in at yesterday's NYFW: Mens presentation.

The Vancouver-born, Antwerp-based designer created a set that bore resemblance to Arcangel's Team Gallery show, where flatscreen TVs and thick wire cables littered an otherwise industrial space. Techy detritus also formed a central component of LeFlufy's collection, in which iPhone cords, headphones, and wires formed crocheted bag handles, cravats, and loose, long sleeved shirts. But LeFlufy balanced these cybernetic touches with simpler shapes. 

Tees, double-breasted overcoats, leisure suits, and neat trousers arrived in a palette of pale yellows, blues, blacks, and browns. The clothes were a nice play between house-created synthetic fabrics — including a not quite 70s, not quite futuristic viscose ribbed jersey — and heavier leather. Patchworked trenches, sturdy bags, and an exciting footwear collaboration with British brand Underground paired nicely with light, layered halter tanks. 

Though Archangel's art seemed present in LeFlufy's zeitgeist, the designer drew more directly from semiotic theorist Jacques Derrida's 1994 assertion "Justice is deconstruction." He wasn't trying to assault attendees with virtual signification — he even made a sort of joke at it, showing slogan hats that read "POST IRONY inc." We're living in a world where the image is our primary form of communication. LeFlufy's just chillin' in that virtual chaos. 


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