you're invited to mac demarco's house for coffee

After he recited his home address on his forthcoming album, over 30 fans have showed up to the Pepperoni Playboy's pad for a cup of Joe.

by Emily Manning
24 July 2015, 6:15pm

Mac DeMarco's certainly been making the most of summer. Recently, the gap-toothed slack rocker played Jenga with Shamir and invited fans to a Bushwick BBQ celebrating the release of his forthcoming "mini album" Another One. But DeMarco has more in store for his eager listeners: on the new record's last track, he sings his home address with an invitation for fans to "stop on by" for coffee.

The Pepperoni Playboy recorded last summer's smash Salad Days inside the impossibly small Bed Stuy apartment he called home for some time. But it seems he's got some new digs. Mac told the Wall Street Journal that since Another One's leak, around 30 people have showed up to take advantage of his offer, some trekking over two hours to his new hood, Far Rockaway.

"The way I rationalize it, to have the address you'll have to listen to the album to the very end," he told the paper. "Second, to even consider coming to my house you have to be a kind of a superfan. And thirdly, it's in such a weird part of New York that if they actually get there, they deserve a cup of coffee."

What a guy! But you should probably tweet him or something before riding all the way to the end of the A. What if he's not home when you get there? 


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