grace jones and iggy pop to star in silent film

They will join Black Flag’s Henry Rollins in the "loudest silent movie on Earth."

by Charlotte Gush
16 July 2015, 4:21pm

"It's not a rock-u-mentary, it's not a fucking Spinal Tap," says Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal, explaining that Gutterdämmerung is, "the real fucking deal... the craziest fucking story you'll ever fucking see in the theatre". Gutterdämmerung appears to relate to the Wagner opera Gotterdämmerung that was inspired by the mythic Norse tale of Ragnarök, an apocalyptic prediction that includes natural disasters and a great battle in which various gods perish before the earth is reborn.

No trailer has been released, but a launch film featuring the director Bjorn Tagemose -- an Antwerp-based Swedish photographer who has shot for Louis Vuitton and Walter Van Beirendonck -- as well as Black Flag's Henry Rollins and Jesse Hughes, who star in the film as a priest and a bounty hunter respectively. They reveal that the film will star twelve "bad ass motherfucker" rock stars, including the iconic Grace Jones and Iggy Pop.

Grace Jones appears ever so briefly to say that you've, "got to see this! Plain and simple," with Iggy Pop describing the traits he shares with his character, the angel Vicious: "Vicious and I are both really impatient, we have a short fuse, we get angry easily and we don't suffer fools gladly".

Henry Rollins describes the film as, "Primarily a visual experience, with very little dialogue; and it is not a film that you see in the traditional way of going into a movie theatre and sitting down. You will be standing up for this very loud, fully immersive experience." Hughes invites you to, "Think of classic silent films, with a real band playing your favourite music instead of that piano. Rock and roll, man, a pyro[technics?] from hell."


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