new report breaks down emoji use by nation

The US leads the way in LGBTQ emoji use and the French love romance, but don't worry, Australians keep the emoji game strong.

by i-D Staff and Isabelle Hellyer
23 April 2015, 12:56pm

Yung Jake

If emoji are anything to go by, we're all pretty cheerful. A report released by app developer SwiftKey checked out more than 1 Billion emoji to see how the world was texting. And it's great news! Globally, happy faces make up about half of all emoji used. Sad faces are the second most popular symbols, followed by hearts, hand gestures, and all those romantic emoji. Nice!

The UK leads the way in using the wine and winking face emoji, Australia is it out in front in well, basically anything racy. Drugs, alcohol, and partying emoji are the nation's favorites—with their use easily doubling the global average. Americans are using LGBTQ emoji 30 percent more than the rest of the world, and sending power emoji like lipstick and heels more than anywhere else.

Canada and the US use the most money emoji, whilst Arabic people use quadruple the global average of plant emoji! A lot more hot weather emoji too. In Russia's colder climate, unsurprisingly, snowflakes get used a whole lot. The most romantic emoji users of all? The French, who use the heart emoji more than quadruple the global average. They're also got a penchant for wedding-related emoji. Now all that's left to find out: where's the avocado emoji?


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