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As she returns to the silver screen, we look back at the pop icon’s most surprising career highlights, from her collaboration with the Wu-Tang Clan to her cryptic Twitter game.

by Emily Manning
27 May 2015, 9:30pm

She collaborated with the Wu-Tang Clan.
Last year, Staten Island's legendary hip-hop collective the Wu-Tang Clan made headlines with its secret album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Forbes traveled to Morocco where the lone copy was kept in a handcrafted silver box, and while the entirety of its 31 tracks have yet to be heard by human ears, we did get a 51-second snippet. A monster Ghostface Killah verse is closed out by a DJ Kahled-esque line no one ever saw coming: "Wu-Tang baybay, they rock the wo-orld!" booms Cher's signature deep contralto.

She rocked Kim Kardashian's Met Gala dress 41 years before Kim did.
The Internet got its collective knickers in a twist when Kim Kardashian showed up to this year's Met Gala in a super sheer Roberto Cavalli number that some people found a little too similar to the Givenchy gown Beyoncé sported three years prior. But chill out y'all: Kim didn't copy Bey, both of them copied Cher. Back in 1974 Cher shut down the first-ever Met Gala in the same Bob Mackie bodysuit she'd later rock on the cover of Time.

She has the strongest Twitter game ever.
Jaden Smith might have amassed a cult following based on his cosmic, cryptic tweets, but as usual, Cher is still the OG, even when it comes to weird Twitter. Frequently posting in all caps and sporadic letters, or @ing herself, Cher's Twitter moves in the most mysterious ways possible. It's like she sits on her phone and just lets it ride. Here is but a slice of @cher's treasure trove of 140-character musings. And now that she's discovered both Facebook and emojis, there's really no telling what she'll say next.

She made an amazing PSA with Kathy Griffin.
Spend any time on the aforementioned Twitter page and you'll quickly learn how much Cher loathes every aspect of the Republican party. So much so that in 2012 she teamed up with Kathy Griffin to create what's possibly one of the best PSAs ever. Brazenly advocating for women's rights while taking a massive dump on Mitt Romney, the pair expertly poked fun at Cher's song titles and status as an LGBT icon to make some serious and much needed points.

She actually went on Will & Grace.
Long the object of Jack McFarland's undying obsession, Cher actually appeared on an episode of Will & Grace during the third season. After Jack makes his friends wait for a restaurant table for four so that his rare Cher doll could have her own seat, he is abandoned by both title characters. When the real Cher coincidentally shows up, he then mistakes her for a drag queen and launches into mortifyingly awful impressions. Cher has consistently proved her self-effacing sense of humor, but this scene is on another level.


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