claire barrow fall/winter 15

Wind machines, powerful women and the trademark doodles that we've loved since we first glimpsed them in her Fashion East show in 2012, Claire Barrow's third season with NEWGEN and first presentation with them made us want to quit our jobs...

by Felicity Kinsella
22 February 2015, 6:25pm

Claire Barrow's early start for day 3 of LFW didn't just snap us out of our mid-fashion week stupor but was a wake up call to all London's city slickers who are sitting pretty at the top of the greasy pole but secretly wish they could escape the daily grind. Titled High Flyers, she set her models free with flimsy bandeaux's and loose slacks blowing in the breeze from the wind machines aimed at them. Standing on grey blocks, Claire's vision was to create a space in between the corporate world and the free one.

Her trademark, gothic illustrations that we first saw when she presented with Fashion East over two years ago still carried through at her first presentation with NEWGEN (she showcased her previous two seasons at the exhibition space at Somerset House), with distorted faces, painted fairies and nightmarish monsters screen-printed onto all-natural fabrics including silk, cotton, leather and wool. Her classic monochromatic color palette was broken up with deep reds, magenta, dark green and sky blue. Office workers - it's time to quit your job, buy a ticket, see the world and fall in love!

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Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Nigel Pacquette

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