you can now buy rue's maroon hoodie from hbo's 'euphoria'

Please drop a makeup line next.

by Jack Sunnucks
12 August 2019, 7:53pm

Image courtesy of HBO

We’d only just become accustomed to the beautiful and violent world of HBO’s Euphoria when it ended, leaving a blank space in our emotional landscape. What are we going to do on Sunday nights now that we don’t have Rue and Jules to obsess over, what will we Google if not “how to do Euphoria beauty looks at home?” We would cry but we have upside down cross eyeliner ala Kat and it took hours of watching Youtube tutorials to achieve. We have however, found some small solace in the bleak ground we tread on the road to series two: Rue’s maroon hoodie is now available in HBO’s online shop. Yes, the hoodie she slumps around in, that was revealed to be her late Dad’s in a heart-wrenching scene in the last episode.

This one is slightly different in that it says “Euphoria” over the heart, and comes without any emotional baggage, but we’re sure you can spend the rest of the summer pre-Labor day imbuing it with significance, or at least not washing it so it seems imbued with… something. Although, in the words of one reviewer, "..... this is wonderful but hand over the makeup line please !." Truer words have never been said.