Merry Lamb Lamb for Gucci Eyewear

merry lamb lamb is the hong kong synth star making music for introverts

Here are 10 things you need to know about her.

by Frankie Dunn
20 June 2019, 7:00am

Merry Lamb Lamb for Gucci Eyewear

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

Four years ago, Merry Lamb Lamb was studying art in downtown Toronto. She lived in a very narrow, very empty dorm room and often found herself over-thinking her impending post-graduation life. “I started to cry my tears out,” the Hong Kong-born and based musician told i-D. “I felt hopeless because I was alone all the time, so I pulled out my diary and wrote these words: You and I side by side / You're invited to have a little cry with me / You and I side by side oh-oh.” The lyrics evolved into her very first song, Pity Party, a sweet confessional number about feeling pathetic and pessimistic at a party. Who can relate?

With her songwriting skills beginning to blossom, Merry Lamb Lamb taught herself production using YouTube tutorials, eventually figuring out her lo-fi electronic sound and crafting her own utopian world with it. A dreamed-up digital safe space where -- having grown up between international and Cantonese schools, between her native Hong Kong and adopted Toronto -- she feels a sense of belonging for the first time.

But hang on a minute… what kind of a name is Merry Lamb Lamb anyway? “Merry was gifted by my mother when I was born. She hoped I would be able to fulfill it every day doing my favourite things. Lamb Lamb was a nickname given to me in high school. I used it becayse I wanted to have an anime-like stage name.”

Now 26, she’s a Simone Rocha-wearing, Gucci-collaborating, synth-toting angel inspired by sad movies, rainy days and that midnight feeling. “When I feel extra lonely, I start to write poetry or paint,” the doub club-signed artist tells us. “Happy memories don’t interest me because I don’t think they’re remarkable enough. Sad things do because they contain scars, and the only way to heal them is to write songs and get through it.”

In fact, her language-spanning debut album Genesis -- due August -- is an ode to being sad and lonely... and being okay with it. Intrigued? Here are 10 things you need to know about Merry Lamb Lamb.

1. Ask what kind of music she makes and she’ll tell you...
“Electronic music. The world is so big, and personally I think that electronic music is as big as the world out there. You can express yourself with a kick drum that you recorded at a subway station, a loop of people whispering in the street, etc. I wouldn't want to narrow down myself as a house or techno producer, but instead, just have the urge to express my feelings through electronic music.”

2. Merry is a Taurus...
“I relate a lot with my star sign. I'm a stubborn person when it comes to creating my art, but if people think my song isn't that great, I can ignore their comments and just believe in myself for being awesome.”

3. Avril Lavigne and Belle & Sebastian soundtracked her teens...
“I grew up listening to a lot of pop punk and Avril Lavigne is still my music hero today. I went to an international school and my mom was worried about me losing my Cantonese language, so when I was 13 she transferred me to a public school but I didn’t fit in at all. At 15, I went to study abroad in Toronto and started to listen to a lot of Belle & Sebastian. Growing up was hard for me because I always questioned where I belonged, but I never got an answer. Instead, I created my own utopia where I feel safe and able to express myself.”

4. In 2018, she was on a Chinese music reality show called Rave Now...
“It was a show about electronic producers from around the world. On each episode we had to write a song within 24 hours and compete with each other. The show was filmed and located in Shanghai. Although I got quite emotionally drained and exhausted, I found myself growing a lot with the challenge of writing songs quickly and performing on a big stage.”

5. On her forthcoming debut album Genesis , she channels a cloud...
“It’s about reconnecting with nature, so I give myself the different emotions of a cloud. I think a cloud can sometimes be moody and rainy. But if you're in a happy mood, the sun rises and turns the weather into a sunny day. I portrayed myself as a cloud because I think I'm a moody person. But after a sip of coffee, I resume back to happy mode!”

6. She recommends that you get to know the Hong Kong indie music scene...
“I feel like a lot of foreigners still just associate Hong Kong with movie stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. But the indie music scene here is growing so fast right now. Acts such as My Little Airport, Dough-Boy and Science Noodle represent Hong Kong today.”

7. Merry is ambidextrous...
“I can write and eat with both hands. I used to be a lefty but my mom corrected me and taught me to use my right hand to do everything. Apparently this is what Chinese parents do to their kids, because using your right hand means doing things the right way. So when my hands get tired from eating, I can use my left hand!”

8. She’s bffs with digital artist, CGI influencer and Fendi collaborator, Ruby Gloom…
“Ruby is a close friend of mine. We first met on Insta after she stumbled upon my music and inboxed me asking if I’d be interested in collaborating on a music video together. We met up face-to-face and I showed her the song Do you think about me every day? and she made the 360 music video for me. I think the reason we became close friends is that we share common thoughts about loneliness and how the internet-world has shaped us to become so introverted and silent about our feelings. The reason I admire her so much is that I never saw anyone be so vulnerable, but at the same time powerful, through their art before.”

9. She once fell asleep while watching Lion King musical...
“When I was eight years old I was visiting Toronto with my parents for the very first time. My cousin brought us to see Lion King musical, one of my favourite Disney movies. I still remember how amazing it was being able to sing along to I Just Can’t Wait to Be King out loud. Everything seemed so magical and fun until the point where I started to feel so jet-lagged and half-asleep that all I could remember seeing is that one Simba song.”

10. If she could go back 10 years, she’d give 16-year-old Merry this advice...
“Keep on going with your gut and never hold back. I used to get bullied a lot in high school and I didn't talk to people much, but if that's the reason you're holding back your feelings, you should get rid of that habit. Start to appreciate how unique you are as a human being. Never underestimate your abilities, because they're beyond infinite!”

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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