Photo courtesy of First Hate

a twisted pop mix from copenhagen duo first hate

Happy 10th birthday, Posh Isolation!

by Juule Kay
24 May 2019, 10:25am

Photo courtesy of First Hate

This article originally appeared on i-D DE.

"Like all good stories, it began with an ordinary world, a question and an answer,” First Hate say when quizzed on how they ended up making music together. “Growing up, it was a challenge for us to navigate through our lives. We used to live in this grey world in a small room beneath our uncle and aunts’ staircase and we were constantly picked on for not fitting in.” What sounds suspiciously like the plot to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

was apparently also the beginning of Anton Falck and Joakim Wei Bernild’s magical pop adventure as the masterminds behind First Hate. “At some point, we decided to repay the world with pop music in its purest form,” the duo continues. Something we couldn’t be more grateful for!

They might prefer to call their music “snake rhythm”, but whatever label you choose to affix to their sound, it’ll always deliver a musical experience like no other. Some might liken the mood to that of an endless midsummer night where the sun never sets – incidentally something the band love about Copenhagen. Interestingly though, Anton and Joakim tell us that their favourite thing about their hometown is that they get to leave it, to head off on tour. "Yeah, Copenhagen is becoming a racist police hub,” they say. “We’re tired of it.”

But the creative scene strikes back! This weekend, their friends at icy cool experimental record label Posh Isolation are celebrating their 10th birthday and taking over the city with three days of music (First Hate included, naturally), art and performance during Art Week CPH. “This mix was made especially for the anniversary and is curated like our own dream version of the Eurovision Song contest, with each song being introduced by English speaking digital hosts with different accents,” the two explain. Sound weird and wonderful to you? Get involved.


Cemetery - XIC
DJ Slugo - Vulture Life (Original Track)
LSTNGT - Celestial Wind
yunggoth - When I'm Dying
Octavian - Hands team rockit - verdure / verdure +
First Hate - A Girl Called Friday
oqbqbo - Rei

See First Hate live and totally free tonight, 24 May, at Jolene in Copenhagen. More info here.

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