these are the most exciting designers in new york right now

The city that never sleeps has woken up to a new generation of talent. Diverse, wild, inclusive and radical, New York fashion is making a brand new start of it.

by i-D Staff; photos by Amy Troost
16 April 2018, 8:20am

Selena wears dress, skirt and socks Gyspy Sport. Top and boots stylist's studio.

“New York is basically one huge intersectional community filled with a bunch of open-minded creatures awkwardly coexisting.“ Gypsy Sport

Cara wears top, trousers, and belt Marc Jacobs.

While paying tribute to one of fashion’s golden eras, the 80s, Marc Jacobs channeled couture greats — Montana, Mugler, Ungaro and Saint Laurent — as he turned the dial up to 11 and shared a battle cry for high fashion.

“I love the NYC fashion community. I have a deep respect and appreciation for every person and brand out there, taking risks, giving everything they have, day after day, to build their dream.” R13

“New York feels like the heart of America to us, but it also feels like it’s failing right now. It’s important that our generation works to revive the energy of the city and to keep DIY spaces and projects alive.“ Vaquera

All clothing Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

In his first three seasons at the red, white and blue behemoth, Raf Simons has reinvented Calvin Klein in the popular imagination. Edging it away from its minimalist past, the Belgian master has reimagined American archetypes for today.

Jacket and dress Melitta Baumeister. Sweater and socks stylist's studio. Sunglasses Carla Colour.

From the moment she graduated from Parsons in 2014, the New York–based, German-born designer Melitta Baumeister's clothes have intrigued and unsettled.

Coat and trousers Eckhaus Latta.

“New York is like a roaring river. It has its own current. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it reminds you that you’re a mortal.” Eckhaus Latta

“New York taught me that there is no formula to success in the city. We just have to find the best way to work with the city for our advantage. Don't fight it.” LRS

Dress Coach 1941

"New York City is my biggest inspiration. It's energy, culture and counterculture. Coach’s roots in the city guide the attitude of our girl and guy. An effortless ease, a lighthearted spirit, a sense of freedom. This is what Coach is about." Stuart Vevers, Coach 1941

Top and dress Colovos. Earring stylist's studio.

“We're inspired by everyone who comes to NYC chasing their passion and persists. It definitely puts you in touch with your demons and angels.” Colovos

Coat and earrings Area.

“The progressiveness of New York fashion at the moment makes us hopeful. There’s a desire for new brands that offer something personal and refreshing.” Area

Coat and jumper Raf Simons. Balaclava Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Since moving to New York, Raf Simons has continued to explore the drama and dark glamour of subculture. But his unique fashion vision has inspired a new generation of designers in the Big Apple.

Jacket, shirt and jeans Matthew Adams Dolan. Boots Planet Cowboy.

"In today's turbulent political climate — with leadership that is constantly threatening the very values upon which the American dream is built — I was drawn to the ideas of re-empowerment, identity and community." Matthew Adams Dolan

Cara wears all clothing Coach 1941.


Photography Amy Troost
Fashion director Alastair McKimm

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