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a mix from berlin label, pan

Founder Bill Kouligas lets you dive into other-worldly experimental sounds; ones that will make you forget all your problems for a little while...

by Juule Kay
30 November 2018, 2:28pm

Photo by Nadine Fraczkowsk.

This article originally appeared on i-D Germany.

Berlin is known for its electronic music scene and record labels that you stumble across every corner. But PAN is different. It started 10 years ago in London, until Bill Kouligas decided to relocate the project to Berlin. It is not only a label in the classical sense, but as much an artist collective that adapts to the fast-paced, cultural conditions that today's musicians have to bow to. These include Yves Tumor, Pan Daijing, and Objekt, all of whom contribute to its unique musical cosmos.

But enough of the name-dropping, Kouligas has put together a mix for us that brings together 10 years of PAN: "I've tried to make it as coherent as possible, to show what we've done over the years." Before you can get ready for a nostalgic trip, he describes to himself his mysterious record label.

What unites all of the artists you release music for?
Cross-field collaborations have always been extremely important for us. We have been building a roster of artists, working from noise to multi­disciplinary practices between visual media, sound, fashion, and technology. PAN looks at music careers as artist practices that develop, more in the model of a contemporary art studio practice than the typical commercial music model. It functions as a sort of artists’ collective, where any artist included come into conversation with the other people working on the label, as well as the lineage of artistic and musical influences that have created the label, and the group events that we continuously initiate.

Is there a mission statement that ties PAN to a particular genre?
Canonizing culture that otherwise remains ephemeral.

What is your mix all about?
The mix somehow covers a lot of different ground with the aim of giving a scope of the label and putting contrasting artist and sounds in conversation. Its genre free and flows more as a journey than a conventional club mix. It is almost impossible to squeeze in 10 years of releases into a one hour-long mix, but I tried to blend different periods into something cohesive. There are also a couple upcoming yet unreleased tracks by Helm and Steven Warwick and as well as material from a new soundtrack series we are launching early next year featuring Elysia Crampton, Joji Koyama, and Tujiko Noriko and more.


Tujiko Noriko - Kuro (OST)
Malibu - Held
Pan Daijing - Practice of Hygiene 洁净 之 用
Elysia Crampton - Dog Clouds (ft. Jeremy Rojas)
Puce Mary - Coagulate
Helm - I Knew You Would Respond
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away
ADR - Severance
Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous
Eartheater - MMXXX ft Moor Mother
Beneath - Bored 2
Toxe - Honey Island
Object - Dazzle Anew
Bill Kouligas - VXOMEG
MESH - Search. Reveal.
Lee Gamble - M25 Echo
Steven Warwick - Danke
STILL - Nazenèt (Kelman Duran Remix)
Amnesia Scanner - AS A.W.O.L

This article originally appeared on i-D DE.

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