like gabber? you’ll love this mix by gabber eleganza

Ahead of his set at Vienna’s HYPERREALITY this weekend, the Italian DJ and producer gifted us this.

by Juule Kay
25 May 2018, 4:17pm

Remember the early 90s? You were probably sitting in front of the TV watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Or maybe listening to your favourite Backstreet Boys CD on your discman? Life was sweet, but you knew nothing of the real world. You knew nothing gabber.

The hardcore-techno subgenre that was then starting to emerge from the Netherlands is finally celebrating a well-deserved revival. Alberto Guerrini, better known as Gabber Eleganza, launched an online archive of all things gabber back in 2011, celebrating a nostalgic post-rave aesthetic. Two years ago, the archive developed into a veritable music project and Alberto began breathing new life into a subculture forgotten by most.

Warming up for his set at Vienna’s Hyperreality festival tonight, the Italian producer made i-D an hour long mix of experimental electronic brilliance. Reckon it’s probably not for you? This might just convince you otherwise. Hold tight!

gabber eleganza