elkka is making house music inspired by gloria steinem

Watch her latest video, Control, right here right now.

by Felix Petty
01 December 2017, 10:34am

Elkka began writing tragic love songs at the tender age of eight, after begging her parents to get her a toy keyboard as a Christmas present, and hasn’t stopped since. “I truly think I thought I understood love,” Elkka explains. The latest fruit of those labours is Control, the third part of a introductory trilogy of releases -- including Her and Touch Me -- which we’re premiering the video for. “ Control is the culmination of a year’s worth of producing and partying,” Elkka says. “It reflects the emancipation of me as an artist and as an individual. It’s quite an intense track.”

Inspired by “females who are unashamedly loud, brave and don’t give a fuck”, Elkka runs her own label and night, Femme Culture, drawing influence from everyone from Gloria Steinem to Grace Jones, and the “need to find ways as a community, and as females, to build our own spaces.”

Control slinks and grooves though references to mid-tempo deep house and UK R&B, full of glorious space and rhythm. The video is intimate and personal, shot POV, taking you on a journey through someone else’s head. “Letting go and opening myself to new possibilities and relationships was something I really struggled with growing up”, she says, of the video. “The visuals depict the story of me finally getting to that place where I could.”

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