solange wrote a magical birthday letter to her debut ep "true"

Happy birthday, "True"! Solange's beautiful breakout record turns five today.

by Hannah Ongley
29 November 2017, 11:32pm

Image via YouTube

In 2012, Solange was an immensely promising artist who loved Grizzly Bear and was still annoyingly referred to as “Beyoncé’s sister.” Then she dropped her first solo EP, True, produced with her friend Devonté Hynes and released on Terrible Records, commanding a presence in an industry that hadn't known quite what to make of her. Fast-forward five years and Solange has claimed her rightful seat at the table (and atop any “best of” list that matters). But True remains one heck of a debut EP, full of addictive synth-funk slow jams like “Losing You” and “Lovers in the Parking Lot." In honor of its fifth birthday today, Solange took to Instagram to raise a heartfelt toast to True and the friends who helped make it happen.

“it will always remind me of a time of kinship and magic making with my brother dev in such sacred special moments,” she wrote. “it will always remind me of a time of confronting my identity while still working it out in front of the world. it will always remind me of the ride or dies who’ve come along and allowed me the space for every part of my evolution… it will always remind me of heartbreak and joy, real joy, and real heartbreak falling in and out of love w myself and friends and notions and ideas and really just growing the fuck up.”

The True party isn't over yet. Somehow, Solange managed to follow up that tribute with something maybe even more brilliantly honest:

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