forty shades of fenty

Rihanna’s new and super-inclusive beauty line dropped globally today.

by Bertie Brandes
08 September 2017, 12:54pm

Fenty Beauty

When Rihanna announced she was releasing a line of beauty products, the Kardashian quips came in thick and fast. To be a beauty icon-turned-entrepreneur in 2017 is far from untrodden ground. You can see why; rather than front a campaign for someone else, it makes sense to skip out the middleman and be the brand. But to be honest that's pretty much where the similarities come to an end. While Kylie Jenner's lips and their accompanying kits are notorious for being almost impossibly plump, Fenty Beauty is all about celebrating the unique differences between people. Questioning what we really mean when we talk about what makes a person or a thing beautiful is refreshing, especially when it feels like big brands and media are blindly grasping for politically-hollow diversity in the most basic way possible. Meanwhile, as we were all wondering which agency model would book a supposedly woke global fashion campaign next, Rihanna has been developing something genuinely revolutionary. A beauty line which caters to every skin colour, reportedly encompassing forty shades. Launching globally today, Rihanna's tried and tested make-up has been years in development and is finally dropping in store and online. Enjoy an exclusive i-D preview, and take make-up tips from the queen of giving face. TGIF, there's a lot of shine going on.

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