watch the first trailer for caitlyn jenner’s new docu-series ‘i am cait’

“Guess what, I am the new normal.”

by Emily Manning and i-D Staff
03 June 2015, 10:15pm

Forget the rest of the Kardashians, it's difficult enough keeping up with Caitlyn Jenner. Following the release of a groundbreaking Vanity Fair cover, she hit 1 million Twitter followers in a cool four hours, breaking a record set by none other than Barack Obama. She's received an outpouring of support, including a poignant personal essay penned by Laverne Cox on Tumblr. And today, E! has released the first trailer for her eight-part docuseries, I Am Cait.

According to the network's press release, the series documents Jenner's journey towards a "new normal" by exploring "what Cait's transition means for the people in her life and how those relationships are affected, while offering a better understanding of many of life's challenges."

"So many people go through life and they've never had to deal with their own issues - no matter what those issues are," says Jenner in the trailer. "Ours happen to be about gender identity, but how many people go through life and waste an entire life because they never deal with themselves? To be who they are?"

I Am Cait will premiere on July 26. 


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