Dan Medhurst

Slumber Sessions: Submotion Orchestra

?Soothing and soft, dulcet and dreamy, seven-piece Submotion Orchestra make incredibly exciting music the can only be described a hybrid of jazz, ambient, soul and electronica rooted in dubstep. The Leeds based band are set to drop their fourth album...

by i-D Team and James Hutchins
08 October 2014, 11:20am

Dan Medhurst


"Some of my favourite music that has lasted me since my early teens has been the most relaxing. There is something about the dream-like state induced by closing my eyes & listening to great music that really immerses my brain in all the complexities of space and time in a recording.

I imagine myself in a place, and I can imagine where all the sounds are coming from, how far away they are, what time of day it is, and even why I am there. Sometimes I see myself on a beach, drinking rum punch under a palm tree and watching the sunset, while the band/DJ plays from a floral pagoda. Sometimes I see myself on a night bus in the cold concrete metropolis, with the music in my headphones providing an ambient electronic soundtrack, helping me to see the beauty in the miserable weather and crumbling dereliction. I think it all depends on my mood and the mood of the music.

I tried to fit a variety of moods into this mix; from the simple-but-effective songs of Fink & Joanna Newsom, to the late-night electronic fizz of Om Unit & Burial, to the stone cold classic dubby downtempo of Lamb and Rhythm & Sound. Of course also with some appropriate Submotion favourites slotted into the mix. I really hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and I hope it takes you on a relaxing journey into my sound and influences."
Dom, Submotion Orchestra.


Text James Hutchins

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