new leak from kanye's swish...

Win Butler of The Arcade Fire has apparently leaked the track.

29 May 2015, 4:35pm

We've so far heard three tracks from Kanye's forthcoming album, Swish (FKA So Help Me God) - Only One, FourFiveSeconds and the almighty All Day - and last night, what looks like a fourth track from West's highly anticipated seventh album, got an airing.

Spotted over on Noisey and said to be called A Long Time, DJ Windows 98 AKA Win Butler from Arcade Fire is the man apparently responsible for dropping the track at an undisclosed club, filmed by an undisclosed source who upped a minutes worth of the song it to his or her YouTube with the subheader 'swish swish'. "I been outta my mind (a long time", chants West over a, well, indescribable beat thanks to the utterly awful audio quality. it sounds like a song played in a bin filled with sandwiches and wrapped in a blanket.

But, this is the internet and we're all just super excited to hear anything ever at all new by hip hop's grand master.

Bring on Swish...!


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