how the instagram update will increase your #fomo

The app’s new development allows us to check out all the Grecian Islands and music festivals we could ever imagine from the quaint confines of a smelly subway car.

by i-D Staff
24 June 2015, 9:14am

"Our goal is not to replace any specific experience, but the idea is: connecting our community to the world as it happens," Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom told i-D last month. Well, it looks like @kevin and co. have made good on that promise; earlier today Instagram launched an updated version with boosted search capabilities, allowing users to discover top trending tags and places in real time. Translation: it's even easier to stalk the shit out everything!

Users--most of whom are probably stuck in line at Tesco--can search specific locations anywhere in the world and browse longingly through the images others have taken of their lame attempts at extreme aquatic sports. The update also introduces new "curated collections" of images in bizarrely specific categories like "Towering Rocks."

But this news could actually be great for fashion fans. With most runway shows still closed to public attendance, the update seems pretty convenient for those eager for all breaking socks and sandals developments come fashion week. Instead of relying on a string of post-happy editors or brands for round the clock coverage, users can stalk it all in one place. 


Text Emily Manning