suit-wearing lesbian teen attends another school's prom after being refused entry to her own

Aniya Wolf and her girlfriend finally got the memorable night they actually had in mind.

by Hannah Ongley
23 May 2016, 5:55pm


Pennsylvania school student Aniya Wolf has worn trousers and shirts all her life, and didn't see why she should switch it up for prom when Bishop McDevitt High School sent out the dress code: which stated that "dresses must be formal," not that dresses must be worn. Regardless, Wolf was refused entry to the venue on May 5 when she showed up wearing a suit. Not quite the memorable night she had in mind. 

In an awesome turn of events, the LGBT teen and her girlfriend did attend prom — just not their own. Neighboring institution William Penn High School sent Wolf an invitation to their prom after learning that she had been turned away by Bishop McDevitt. "Thank you to William Penn High School," Wolf wrote on Twitter after the more inclusive affair on Saturday night. "We had a great time! It was most definitely a memorable night." Wolf has been impressively restrained on social media throughout an ordeal that would probably prove quite traumatic for most young people. In a Facebook post, she maintained that she was not trying to cause a stir. "I am a practicing Catholic and I live out God's teachings," she wrote, explaining that the school had sent out two dress codes. "The first dress code I was presented with stated that 'dresses must be formal' followed by guidelines for a dress but not explicitly stating a dress MUST be worn. This is the dress code my mother and I signed."

William Penn wasn't the only one to send Wolf a special invitation. Rob McElhenney of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia extended Wolf an offer to appear on an upcoming episode, writing "We'll be in Philly the last week of June. We need a little extra style and class."


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