​the greatest graphic t-shirts from the 80s to now

A new exhibition from the Goodhood store will show iconic printed tees during London Design Festival.

by Stuart Brumfitt
15 September 2015, 4:15pm

Stüssy, Supreme and Seditionaries are all playing their part in TSHIRTTHEN, Goodhood's celebration of the greatest graphic t-shirts from 1980-1999. It will look at influential examples that became streetwear icons and changed the language and the look of the classic tee forever. Take the Wild Bunch's rebellious reworking of the Warner Bros logo, with Bugs Bunny smoking a bifter, or logos and artwork for the Happy Mondays and legendary Manchester club, the Haçienda. According to Goodhood's co-founder Kyle Stewart, the art of a great t-shirt is "simplicity coupled with a powerful message, housed within strong graphics and great use of colour."

Running alongside its retrospective is TSHIRTNOW, which sees the London retailer launch a line of exclusive t-shirts from 10 key present-day designers and artists including Brain Dead, Misha Hollenbach, Have a Good Day and PRMTVO. So how do such designers separate themselves from the raft of high-street lolz logo tees? Kyle explains, "Printed tees are easy to produce and there's always been an ethos of punk/DIY to them. The people we work set themselves apart from the high street by using messaging that may be inappropriate for a larger commercial businesses to use. There's an element of speaking to our audience, a nod and a wink that speaks to people in the know, people with a similar mindset. If you're interested it can point you in the direction to find more out about things that might be considered counter culture. In general there is a level of care, appreciation and knowledge about graphics you will never get on the high street."

TSHIRTNOW/TSHIRTTHEN will run as part of London Design Week from 17th - 27th September and the store will also be releasing Forgotten T-Shirts From An Influential Era, a limited-edition run of 50 books on the same theme.