james franco embodies cindy sherman

The actor’s selection of posed film stills sees him riffing off the work of the legendary American artist.

by Oscar Heliani
01 December 2014, 2:50pm

James Franco, New Film Still #6, 2013 James Franco/Pace Gallery

"Cindy Sherman is an artist who used cinema as a source of her work; she 'played' at being an actress. I am an actor who inserts himself into his work," declares James Franco. He's not only one of the most surprising and talented actors of his generation but is also a director, scriptwriter and producer always seeking out new means of expression.

Presented for the first time in France, New Film Stills, a 2013 series of gelatine silver prints, confirm Franco's talent as a photographer. After looking at Untitled Film Stills, a body of work by photographer Cindy Sherman done 30 years ago, he decided to reproduce the same body poses, clothes and almost the same scenario in front of the camera.

Sherman herself has stated, "I feel I'm anonymous in my work. When I look at the pictures, I never see myself; sometimes I disappear", and whilst the viewer will not be challenged in recognising famous James Franco, they will be able to admire another of his performance pieces which deals with gender and sexuality with good humour. "I am fully embedded in Hollywood, but these photos allow me to take a step to the side, look back, and refashion the work I do in Hollywood" said Franco.

New Film Stills runs until 3rd January at Galerie Cinéma - Anne Dominique Toussaint. 26 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris. 


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