get dirty with ghetts's top 10 biggest grime tracks of all time

Ghetts (FKA Ghetto) is without a doubt one of the finest MCs to have come out of East London. With his debut record, Rebel With A Cause, finally set free into the world, the rapid rhymer fills i-D in on his favourite grime numbers.

by i-D Team
14 March 2014, 2:10pm

10. Kano, P's & Q's

"The reason I'd pick Kano's P's and Q's is that it was one of the very first grime tracks to really bridge the gap between rap and grime. Produced by Davinche, grime heads liked it, rap heads liked it... it opened the door for similar kinds of tracks to come through."

9. Wiley, D Double E, Kano and Durrty Goodz, VIP

"Destruction VIP was a Jammer production featuring Wiley, D Double E, Kano and Durrty Goodz. It was the first blueprint for tracks such as Pow - a format that followed loads of MCs featuring on one track."

8. Dizzee, I LUV U

"So the debut track from Dizzee Rascal and his Boy in Da Corner album, released ten years ago in 2003. The reason I chose this track is because girls loved it, and Dizzee managed to do it without being soft!

7. Wiley, Wot Do U Call It?

"This was question on everybody's mind when it came to describing or naming the grime genre in 2004 when this track was released, and Wiley just put it in song form on a great beat!"

6. Ruff Sqwad ft. Wiley, Together

"When it comes to choosing a track from Ruff Sqwad (Tinchy Stryder, Slix, Dirty Danger, Rapid, DJ Spyro) I feel that Together best shows the versatility of Grime. It had musical elements that sounded different to anything else that was out at that time."

5. Ghetto, Top 3 Selected

"So I've got to include a couple of mine! This one, produced by Rapid, was one of the very first, really lyrical grime tracks. Because of that, rap fans liked it because it sounded different, lyrically, to how a lot of grime was presented at that particular time, in 2007."

4. D Double E, Frontline

"D Double E of Newham Generals has had some big stand out tracks but this was one of the first tunes to start the 'version excursion' culture, where everyone starts doing their own version of the track."

3. Crazy Titch, I Can C U

"Crazy Titch did a lot for the scene. This song in particular was one of the main tunes on TV - everyone loved it. It was so catchy and became a massive track." 

2. Ghetto ft. Griminal, Don't Phone Me

"Here's another one from my back catalogue. Don't Phone Me was the track that, for me, crossed over to the new generation. It worked at that time for a certain demographic in schools, I think because of the 'gimmicky' nature of the track, younger grime fans really took to it." 

1. Lethal B, Pow (Forward)

"Pow was an amazing look for grime when Lethal B charted with in 2004. It was such a strong leap forward for the genre. Pow made a comeback in 2011 with an all-star remix version featuring JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, Face, P Money and myself."


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