​make-up maestro val garland launches online course

She’s worked with the biggest names in the biz - from the late Lee McQueen to Lady Gaga. Now this legendary make-up artist could be your mentor.

by Ted Stansfield
19 March 2015, 2:47pm

Think you've got what it takes to be a master of maquillage? Then you're just what Val Garland is looking for. With a list of clients that resembles a veritable who's who of the fashion industry, Garland is heading up a new course in partnership with Mastered, an online fashion school. The course, which consists of videos, Q&As and projects, runs from May to August and is aimed at "people who are good but don't know how to move on to work with the likes of i-D and Vogue."

"Some make-up courses look really boring," she explains, "They're all about creative make-up that doesn't work in the real world - like making girls look like Cleopatra or turning people into leopards." The Val Garland school of make-up sings a different tune. "This course is about getting into this business. Doing an eyeliner or doing a lip - that's easy. Getting into this world is harder."

Something like a virtual apprenticeship, Garland describes the course as the closest thing to being her assistant without actually being her assistant. As for the secret to her success? "Determination and my self-belief that it can be done."

The next round of applications will be reviewed March 25th. 


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