watch the trailer for shia labeouf's dreamy, disturbing road trip movie

'American Honey' is the first American film by Andrea Arnold, who cast her wild project by scouting road-tripping teenagers IRL.

by Hannah Ongley
22 June 2016, 3:45pm


Shia LaBeouf is a noted fan of hectic road trips, sharing his GPS coordinates on Twitter last month for the performance art/hitchhiking project #TAKEMEANYWHERE. But this car ride might be his most insane yet. Law-breaking, love-making, misfits, magazine subscriptions, and the American Midwest are all rolled into one to form the dreamy, disturbing new film from Andrea Arnold, American Honey. Arnold cast her story of a ragtag crew of magazine sellers by approaching real-life teenage road-trippers and spring breakers. One of them was the magnetic Sasha Lane, who makes her film debut alongside LaBeouf and Riley Keough as a bored small-town teen who doesn't remain bored for very long. Arielle Holmes, a former drug-addicted street kid who went on to star in 2014's semi-autobiographical Heaven Knows What, has also signed on for the ride. It'll either make you want to plan a road trip with your BFFs immediately or never go on one again. 


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