ruby rose ignites europe with her genderfluid message

And a flamethrower.

by Emily Manning
26 October 2015, 4:40pm

When Ruby Rose announced she'd be co-hosting the European Music Awards earlier this month, we crossed our fingers and prayed for something wonderful. Ruby rose to that challenge, and then some: she wielded a flame thrower in a ball gown after igniting Twitter with a genderfluid opening speech.

The stunt was one variation on the night's theme: "cute and badass." Rose held down the latter, somehow completing six outfit changes from leather to more leather while limping with an injury courtesy of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter -- the action epic she's been shooting in Cape Town. Her co-host, Ed Sheeran, cuddled with blankets and teddy bears (notably absent from the event was the Drake-themed needlepoint Taylor Swift gifted him).

While Rose's joking segment with twin Justin Bieber set tweens hearts a-blazin faster than her pyrotechnics display, it was her opening line that really lit up the Internet. Rose -- who prefers female pronouns but identifies as genderfluid -- kicked off the awards with a simple yet inclusive nod to all those on (and off) the gender spectrum: "Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between."

Twitter reactions spanned from praise to one user wanting to get the phrase tattooed, perhaps the biggest indicator of what a difference mindful speech can truly make. Rose's four word addition encouraged people otherwise marginalised to feel accepted and welcome -- the most badass thing of all.


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