INXX spring/summer 18, all images courtesy of VFILES.

vfiles brings dapper dan and a lamborghini to a brooklyn basement rave

And everything else you need to know about the 9th edition of VFILES Runway: featuring Antwerp-based JunJie, St. Martins via Chicago Louis Pileggi, Chinese streetwear platform INXX, and Hood By Air protégé Christian Stone.

by Hannah Ongley
07 September 2017, 5:12pm

INXX spring/summer 18, all images courtesy of VFILES.

What we texted our friends:
"Me but dressed as my gran at Burning Man"
"Offset from Migos just rolled up in an insane yellow car but I wanna know how did he get into the Barclay's basement."
"I think one of Dapper Dan's guys just rolled up with a Vuitton boombox briefcase."

In the designer's own words:
JunJie: "My collection is about the primal and savage strength of Asian culture. How should I adapt my personal heritage into a modernized world? Not by using symbolic patterns like dragons — that's not authentic at all. I'm working a lot on the construction, and referencing Asian garment patterns."
Louis Pileggi: "Outsider women. Creepy girls. Vampira. A lot of Cindy Sherman is referenced in my work. Growing up in the Midwest and living in London. You glamorize things when you're away from them."
INXX: "We collaborated with a team of monks. They did drawing and character writing in Chinese. Our CEO is a Buddhist. Eastern culture is very interesting and we don't want to lose it. We want more kids in China to focus on our own culture."
Christian Stone: "It starts from a zombie apocalypse. I grew up in a very disheveled city in Hong Kong. There are a lot of old electronics dumped everywhere on the street. I looked at his outdated, obsolete technology, and drew a parallel between this and the zombies being brought back to life. It's what I call "Mutant Artisanal."

Look we want now:
JunJie's oversized down jackets — for which he made up to 20 patterns and meticulously calculated the amount of down feathers used in each one.

Wildest beauty moment:
Christian Stone's dirty metallic face paint.

Best Instagram:

Most accurate tweet:

Dapper Dan, Offset, Jessie J, Joey Bada$$, Yung Lean, Ty Dolla $ign, Tinashe, Brooke Candy, Tayla Parx, Lion Babe, and Carmen Carrera.

On the speakers:
Gianni Lee DJed a throbbing mix that included SahBabii's "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick," Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us," Tyler, the Creator's "See You Again," and 50 Cent's seductive classic "Candy Shop." Jessie J. hit the runway mid-show, wearing INXX, to premiere a new song called "Think About That." Meanwhile, "VFILES is sometimes Alanis Morissette," flashed on glitchy projector screens installed behind the runway.

It will be remembered as:
A thumping underground fashion rave featuring a yellow sports car and some seriously promising threads.

JunJie spring/summer 18
JunJie spring/summer 18
Louis Pileggi spring/summer 18
Louis Pileggi spring/summer 18
INXX spring/summer 18
Christian Stone: spring/summer 18
Christian Stone: spring/summer 18
Christian Stone: spring/summer 18
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