all the things you can hold down with supreme's $100 bills paperweight

The streetwear label’s autumn/winter accessories line includes a paperweight made from “U.S. banknotes encased in lucite”.

by Charlotte Gush
24 August 2017, 12:00pm

Our pals over at Supreme have a way with both streetwear you'll queue all Thursday for, and accessories you never knew you needed – eliciting 'Wtf?!' and 'Can you hook me up?' responses in equal measure. This season, it turns out that what seemed a pointless piece of stationery in the digital age, is in fact a must have item. A desk-ready take on the money phone, Supreme have created a paperweight from a stack of US banknotes, wrapped in a branded currency strap, all encased in a lucite block.

While the internet wonders whether the bank notes are indeed real currency, and if you could extract them by smashing the lucite, we put our minds to some things you can hold down with the paperweight in tact… because no one uses paper anymore.

1. The single fiver you have left after spending all your hundred dollar bills on some other ones encased in plastic

2. One side of your new i-D mag (while the Supreme brick you got on eBay for $1000 holds down the other side) for hands-free reading while you eat your lunch with Supreme chopsticks

3. An insta-famous lover, after impressing them with such a trendy objet d'art

4. A steady job in finance, because your ~passion~ for money is just so tangible. Or if that's not quite how you roll, then...

5. Your existential fear over capitalism's impending doom

Any way you cut it, it's the du jour way to keep your desk, and your life in order. Except it already sold out, so if you weren't organised enough to get one, it's not looking good for your Supreme-branded personal reinvention. Time to hit eBay.

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