all the best rihanna moments at coachella, so far

From losing her mind for Beyoncé to Uggs with heels.

by Jack Sunnucks
16 April 2018, 6:16pm

We could not be more here for footage of none other than Rihanna getting down during Beyoncé’s epic two hour set on Saturday. After stans found footage of Riri paying tribute to their Queen during her rendition of “Countdown”, they went predictably wild (Rihanna — she’s just like us, in that she entirely loses her shit for Beyoncé). Did they know, however, that she was wearing Y Project? In typical scene stealing style, Rihanna’s been documenting her fashionable weekend, throwing a Fenty Puma party, at length over on her Instagram, while also posting more relatable content, like a picture of Beyoncé with the caption “still not over last night”.

First up, there was an all white buckled look, dripping in diamonds, which she appropriately titled with Cardi B’s lyric “came thru dippin’”. Evidently Rihanna is just as big of a fan girl as us? Can we expect a Cardi collab?

We then progress to the aforementioned Y Project outfit, which is somehow both transparent and comprised of more fabric than we’ve ever seen Rihanna wear. And what’s with the boots? They look like ruched Uggs. As she so succinctly captions it herself, “drag”. Only Rihanna could make this look as good as it does.

Our favorite of the lot however has to be this Calvin Klein pile on, which we don’t really know how to describe apart from it looks like the closet fell on her and she came out looking fabulous. We were wondering who might be first to try out Raf Simons’s conceptual yet homespun looking headgear — the boiling desert seems like the perfect location. Thank you Rihanna for making us love fashion with a capital F all over again.