Photography Sarah Edwards

we caught up with molly goddard’s mum to discuss their new exhibition

Sarah Edwards talks us through ‘Dress Portrait’.

by Felix Petty
23 January 2019, 4:46pm

Photography Sarah Edwards

No one does a fashion week set like Molly Goddard. Working with her mum, Sarah Edwards, she’s so far wowed us with everything from life drawing gatherings to parties in kitchens, holiday markets and sandwich factories. Each show Molly transports us to a wonderful, playful, joyful world. And of course, no one does a dress quite like Molly Goddard -- big, frilly flounces of tulle, tiered birthday cakes of pure fashion happiness. It’s very exciting, then, to discover that Molly and Sarah have combined forces on a show at Chelsea Space for an up close and personal look at the garments that populate Molly’s world. Shot by Sarah Edwards, who is a photographer as well as a set designer, Dress Portrait is a loving look through Molly’s archive that reveals how photography plays a part in her creative process. We caught up with Sarah to find out a little more…

Molly Goddard Sarah Edwards Dress Portrait Chelsea Space

How would you describe the work in the exhibition?
It’s a response to having been surrounded by Molly’s collections and being constantly inspired, not just by the designs and finished product, but by the texture and fabrics and how beautiful they look on film. The images have almost no post production and I’ve done a lot of experimenting with printing. I like the way low-quality printing can give a less ‘true’ image -- a more painterly look.

And how did you decide which archive pieces to photograph?
I’ve always had my favourites, but usually it's down to a combination of fabric and design.

Molly Goddard Sarah Edwards Dress Portrait Chelsea Space

What was your approach to the photography? How collaborative was it?
Molly and I send each other inspiration all the time. It can be anything; architecture, furniture or a brilliant portrait. It was similar in process to how we work together making the sets for the shows and Dover Street installations -- we know what we want to end up with and trust that we’re on the same wavelength.

How much of this is an extension of the Molly Goddard show sets?
It's a challenge to look at ways of documenting the clothes in an interesting way. It’s very much an extension of the shows and installations, but also gives us an opportunity to use our love of photography.

Molly Goddard Sarah Edwards Dress Portrait Chelsea Space

What are the most difficult and most rewarding elements of working with Molly?
It can get emotional. We have to avoid talking shop when we have a family dinner. Clothes and a daughter I love -- it's a great combination!

Do you have a favourite work in the exhibition? I love the image you posted on Instagram of the dress with the plastic bags!
There's one in the show of a piece of fabric and the sky, and by chance it's printed better than the original -- it's usually always the other way round.

Dress Portrait by Molly Goddard and Sarah Edwards is open at Chelsea Space at Chelsea College of Art from today until 1 March 2019.

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