Photography Samantha West

get spiritual with this brutal otherworldly mix from eartheater

Warning: involves screaming and potentially re-birth.

by i-D Staff
15 February 2019, 1:12pm

Photography Samantha West

Bored by your Friday routine? Everything feeling kinda same old, same old? Alexandra Drewchin aka Eartheater is here to spice things the fuck up with an i-D mix. With a name inspired by a character in Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, the New York-based, PAN-signed artist is known for her exciting, genre-bending music. "I just make what I crave and can’t find," she tells us. "Nothing feels better than a sonic atmosphere that matches a nuanced emotion, and lyrics to activate the feeling on another level."

What's this psychotic mix all about then? "I was trying to dial in a new emotion by mixing beautiful heavy guttural vocals or and screaming strange stuff into various kinds of glossy electronic instrumental music that doesn’t typically get paired with aggressive or textured voices," Alexandra explains. "I feel like I satisfied my urge the most in editing Meshuggah vocals over a luscious Skee Mask drum and bass song. The tension suspended between the easy breezy track and the brutality of the voice scratches such a deep itch for me. I'm inspired to make music that builds on this kind of polarisation. I had to search pretty hard to find these isolated vocals and ended up using a bunch of my own vocal stems because it was so difficult to find the kinds of isolated expression I needed."

Press play for a wild ride.

New York