does kanye's calabasas logo look familiar? that's because it belongs to a 90s soccer camp

Remember Coerver coaching? Kanye's flipped the Adidas-sponsored soccer program's logo as his own.

by Isabelle Hellyer
08 August 2017, 8:11am

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This article was originally published by i-D Australia. 

If Kanye West's Adidas Calabasas logo ever gave you a little déjà vu, you're not alone. Kanye fans experienced a collective aha moment earlier this week when Reddit user w311why pointed out the Adidas Calabasas logo is actually the same design the Coerver coaching program used in the 90s. For the unfamiliar, Coerver is a soccer program inspired by Dutch coach Wiel Coerver, and it's still very much around. But, given that it's targeted at kids 16-and-under, you might not have heard much about it recently. 

"Holy shit, I did that camp when I was 11, sheesh that feels like a while ago," one Redditor wrote. "I still have my Coerver coaching tee at home," another offered.

How did Kanye come across the logo? He shares a key mutual friend with Coerver: Adidas. The sportswear giant has sponsored the program for decades, and we imagine that the partnership gives Adidas some domain over the old logo. Presumably, Kanye's Calabasas interpretation is completely above board. 

Earlier this year Kanye landed in some hot water over logo usage when a hawk-eyed viewer noticed his children's clothing line, a collaboration with Kim Kardashian, had printed Portland's old public transport system's logo on a sweater. TriMet ended up contacting the pair demanding they stop using the logo, and as CNN reported, West immediately agreed.

We imagine there'll be no such difficulties with the Coerver logo, but if you've got any old merch sitting in your closet, it might be worth dusting off.


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