field day add run the jewels, lady leshurr and abra to their 2017 line up

Now all we're waiting for is some warmth.

by Georgie Wright
25 January 2017, 5:00pm

run the jewels

Given the current sub zero climate, the prospect of basking in sun, booze and tunes seems like a depressingly distant dream. But fortunately for us, Field Day have just dropped more of their line up - tiding us over 'till the sun deigns to stick around until we've at least left work.

Inimitable rap duo Run the Jewels will be closing the main stage Eat Your Ears, on the back of their brilliant/Beyoncé-esque surprise release of RTJ3. i-D favourites Lady Leshurr and Abra will also be bringing the bangers, alongside Clams Casino, Arab Strap, PC Music's Danny L Harle and A.G. Cooke, and lots of other excellent people that you don't want to miss so go and buy your ticket now please thanks.

The new additions will be joining Aphex Twin, whose headline slot - and first UK performance in almost 10 years - was announced earlier this year. So if you were concerned that Field Day's decision to condense their two-day festival into one means a less fleshed out line up - well, clearly that ain't the case. Basically, the only other addition we're waiting on is some warmth. 

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Text Georgie Wright
Photography Tim Saccenti

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