slip into world unknown with six classic warehouse anthems

The best south London party returns with a big bank holiday spesh, in a new venue, with a new line-up. To get you in the mood DJ Andy Blake's got six guaranteed warehouse anthems to whet your appetite.

by i-D Staff
27 April 2017, 3:20pm

What are you doing this Bank Holiday? I know you said you'd go see your family and catch up with your mum and clean the house and do the laundry, but World Unknown are throwing a great big old classic warehouse party south of the river. It will be more fun than catching up with your family and cleaning the house and doing the laundry. In fact it will be so much fun the laundry will do itself. 

It's a new location, same rather wonderful vibes. Vibes like the old days. Vibes like when you were young and beautiful and could dance all day and all night. Except they promise they will have actual real working toilets for all you upper class partygoers. To get you ready, resident DJ Andy Blake has selected six of his all time favourite World Unknown raise-the-roof bang-the-box lose-your-mind anthems for you to listen to at your desk this Thursday evening. 

If you would like to go, you can email and ask nicely for a ticket. The Facebook event page has more information too. Turn on. Tune in. Dance away. 

"Classic World Unknown heretical banger time. Take one indie dance minor-classic from the Boys Own crew and force feed it from the dancefloor pump until turns itself into a foie gras multi-layered bass-driven Gaviscon-gurner par excellence."

"If there's ever a track you want to hear as the sun starts sparkling through the cracks in the warehouse roof it's this one. Never grows old, and in the right room regularly pulls off that sublime magic trick of making 800 people all smile at each other and actually mean it."

"One for the crew who can do the ADHD robot dance. This one deftly treads the high wire of cocky, self-assured amazingness high above the big scary pit of collapsing into fizzy tartrazine nonsense without once putting a funky foot wrong, even tho it flies dangerously close to the sun the whole way through."

"With the right sound system and lights this will have you bursting out the edge of the universe so hard you'll meet yourself coming back round the other way on the way back home with the 'I've seen it and it's all ok' grin creeping across your face."

"Big room Tenaglia madness. If you get caught up trying to label or define this you're kind of missing the point. In tribute to the true masters this has been known to pummel the WU dancefloor for over half an hour at a time on occasion."

"Genuine article acid house. Does everything it needs to and more in four and half perfect minutes. Comes accompanied by salacious controversies for those who like that kind of thing."

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