alasdair mclellan and margaret howell are celebrating over a decade of collaboration

The two British fashion icons come together once more for a new exhibition.

by Felix Petty
13 February 2017, 5:50pm

Opening this Friday — to coincide with the start of London Fashion Week, and ahead of Margaret Howell's combined men's and women's shows on Sunday — the two British fashion icons are opening an exhibition celebrating a decade of working together. Alasdair McLellan has dipped into his archives to select over 40 photographs that highlight the romantic, poetic, windswept, and very British world the two have created together. Starting with a 2004 campaign, and continuing right through to the just released spring/summer 17 images he created for the brand.

"Margaret is great to work with. She has a very distinct vision of the British Isles," Alasdair explain. "We have shot all over, from Devil's Dyke in the South Downs to Crystal Palace Sports Centre to Brighton Beach and Wensleydale. She loves it when the weather is typically British and isn't bothered when we're shooting if it's raining in summer, or sunny in winter. She understands that this is just the way the country happens to be and goes with it."

So step into Margaret Howell's W1 store between Friday 17th and Sunday 19th of March, and lose yourself in their world. 

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Text Felix Petty