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by Felix Petty
12 April 2017, 1:45pm

Methodos, Athens, 2016. Photography Freddie F.

Art World on Tour this Week: Documenta 14 in Athens
They come from all across the world. They come from all manner of upper-middle class backgrounds. They all "live" in Berlin. They all have carefully curated online and Instagram profiles to maintain. They are all curators-collectors-artists. They are in Athens for documenta 14. They marvel at the destruction of pan-European neo-liberalism whilst wearing neo-liberal trainers. Their opinions, like their eating habits, are a paradoxical mixture of locally sourced and ethically unsound. They are part of the problem and yet they think they are coming up with the solutions.

Book of the Week: Modernism in Milan
Karl Kolbitz has carefully curated 144 of Milan's most magnificent modernist entranceways in his does-what-it-says-on-the-tin titled book, Entryways of Milan. A marvellous meditation on the place where public and private collide in lavish marble, beautiful geometry, Italian flair. Entryways of Milan ispart city guide for architectural tourists, part rumination on architectural theory and history. A photo book to treasure.

Fake Art News of the Week: Damien Hirst at Venice
Damien is back, baby! It's big! It's silly! It's expensive! It's divisive! It has a timely #fakenews backstory (something about a shipwreck and recovered treasure) that wills the suspension of disbelief. I dunno really. Can you be bothered to formulate much of an opinion on this? It seems like everyone else has already. Personally? This disingenuous reinvention of the artist -- when considering previous "genuine" reinventions of the artist as a painter or a gallerist fell flat -- mean he's grabbed his disingenuity by the horns and is riding it all the way back to the bank.

Photographed by Christoph Gerigk  © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd

Single of the Week: Actress, Dancing in the Smoke
Remember when dance music was proposing dystopian futures in its minimalist, glitching, shudders of overpowering bass, serpentine synths and glimmering skyscraper-like arpeggios? Feel increasingly like we're living in the world that those songs were the imagined soundtracks for? Actress, the finest purveyor of the soundtrack for future alienation, is back. Dancing in the Smoke a fine comeback single.

Exhibition of the Week: Assorted Paper at The Sunday Painter
South London's The Sunday Painter have assembled a gorgeous collection of works on paper for their current show, Assorted Paper. All our favourites Leo Fitzmaurice, Eva Hesse, Bob Law, Amalia Pica, Samara Scott, and Wolfgang Tillmans contribute. A survey of all the political, historical, abstract, and everyday engagements with the most everyday of materials.

Jonathan Monk, Restaurant Drawing

Film of the Week: The Handmaiden
Thought this film came out last year, but apparently it's only just getting a UK cinema release this Friday. Set in Japanese-occupied Korea, Park Chan-wook's latest cinematic opus contains lesbians, conmen, pickpockets, dreamy visuals, and unfathomable cinematic beauty. All you need really. 


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