meet awful records’ newest signing: danger incorporated

If you like Yung Lean and 'Goosebumps,' you’re in for a treat.

by Frankie Dunn, Francesca Dunn, and i-D Staff
06 February 2017, 10:30pm

Boothlord by Brandon EatHumans

Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord AKA Danger Incorporated are the young Atlanta talents keeping the soundtrack to our daily lives interesting. Having released their World Wide Web EP on Halloween of last year — how very Stranger Things of them — to mark their recent signing to Awful Records they've released a self-directed, self-produced video for "BODY." Shot entirely on an iPhone 7, it's all slow-mo walks on the beach at sunset to chill harmonies, an acceptable amount of autotune, and plenty of reverb.

There's something quite The Weeknd about the synths and falsetto on EP tracks like "Online," while "Graveyard" samples what sounds like Goosebumps. "Diamonds" sees the duo take time to declare their love for a certain Swedish rapper. "I can't fuck with you unless you fuck with Yung Lean," they slide on in there, almost missable but very, very real. In fact, turns out they've both got multiple Yung Lean tattoos — but we'll get to that later. Intrigued, we reached out to the Awful newcomers to learn more about how they went from playing local parties in abandoned houses to joining the coolest family in ATL, and where they plan to go from here.

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Hi Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord. How'd you get your names?
Louie: I think we first heard 'Louie Duffelbags' on Unknown Death 2002 back in high school. Boothlord started calling me that because my name is Louie. Been that way since!
Boothlord: These days, the name 'Boothlord' has a few different reasonings and pronunciations, but originally, it stemmed from making moves to eat with homies, kicking it, and posting up in booths. Self proclaimed Lord of the Booth!

How did the two of you meet? Do you remember your first impressions of each other?
Louie: Idk where I stood in our high school community, but I feel that you, Boothlord, were truly socially on top of this school. Prom king. Homecoming. Best dressed. You were THE dude.
Boothlord: Hahahaha they were BOOSTING. I felt like we were invincible for some reason in high school. Or maybe invisible, but it felt like we had complete freedom to do whatever we wanted, in regards to like disregard of norms.
Louie: Very true, we could do and be whatever we wanted to be, we really didn't give a fuck.
Boothlord: And yet oddly still supported by a bunch of those kids, it was odd.
Louie: Of course I met you in English class. We knew of each other when we were in elementary school, but we didn't become homies 'til we were like 14 and 15. You showed me an album that you had created, The Saga Begins. It had the full tracklist, album cover, track order. But no songs!
Boothlord: Haha, I remember before we'd met, people telling me all the time how similar we were. Which, in retrospect, might not even have been that we were really that similar, but that we were both on a wave that distanced us from the norm.

LouieDufflebags + Boothlord perform by Paul Morrison

Should we be afraid of the Danger Boys?
Louie: Nah.
Boothlord: Definitely not afraid of, but maybe wary.
Louie: Should be afraid of our sauce.
Boothlord: The gang is deep, the gang is loud, the gang is gaseous.
Boothlord: Old people should be wary.

In your opinion, what is the best site on the World Wide Web?

Where did you get your Goosebumps hat from?
Boothlord: Haha, this hat is a legend it seems.
Louie: Straight off of eBay a couple years ago.

Got a thing for Yung Lean?
Boothlord: This man Yung Lean...
Louie: We each have two Yung Lean tattoos.
Boothlord: I feel like we both know, how integral Yung Lean's sound, and wave, was to our current vibe.
Louie: Danger would NOT exist without Leandoer.

Boothlord by Carter Sutherland

What inspires you?
Louie: Musicians who are pushing the boundaries musically, unafraid to experiment, uniquely themselves. I imagine these people, like us, work hard at making music because it puts them in the flow. Like meditation. It's the funnest thing to be done.
Boothlord: That's literally what it's all about.
Louie: J Dilla, Jai Paul, Yung Lean, Dean Blunt, A.K. Paul, the whole Awful fam, Knxwledge, Arca, CultureCulture, Lil Drip, Madlib, Jungle, James Blake, Eyedress. There's so many more.
Boothlord: Shout out gotdamn King Krule
Boothlord: Long live King Krule.

Tell us about your greatest gig ever.
Louie: I think my favorite was probably the show we did with Dean Blunt back in like November.
Boothlord: That was a good one, that warehouse is tight.
Louie: Most euphoric I've ever felt on stage and post show. That was the first time we played songs off of World Wide Web.
Boothlord: My favorite might have to be the one we did at No Man's Land — massive abandoned warehouse, had a huge stage and skateboard ramps everywhere.

How did you link up with the coolest family in Atlanta and how're you're feeling about it all?
Louie: Bless up! The music just slowly lead us to crossing paths with random people associated with Awful, making random homies in Atlanta.
Boothlord: It's still surreal almost.
Louie: 100% surreal. Legitimately, we are very blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of homies in Atlanta. We wouldn't be where we are without the love of all teammates.
Boothlord: Right, the Awful fam understand completely what we're trying to do I feel, it's perfect!
Louie: Each person is always creating and supporting the creations of each other. I fuck with that beyond words.

LouieDufflebags by Carter Sutherland

What's the plan now?
Louie: We're almost done recording and producing the hottest record in the history of our lives thus far.
Boothlord: Truly, and so now I feel it's just more working with the Awful fam!
Louie: New live show, new band setup, computer music being performed with no computers involved.
Boothlord: New visuals.

Most importantly, please talk us through the most dangerous things you've ever done:
Boothlord: Stole a mask from this spooky ass shop.
Louie: Snuck out with the shawty to the forbidden bunk.
Boothlord: OooooWEE.
Louie: That one time we found the infinity card at Dave and Buster's.
Louie: That was fucked up. Infinite game points.

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