fuxx sian volume 1: featuring big narstie

Continuing her monthly mix for i-D, Sian Anderson goes in with Big Narstie.

by i-D Staff
03 August 2016, 2:37pm

"This was always going to be greatness. Big Narstie is so funny and he has so many different MC styles and MC personalities he can draw for that it's entertainment every single time. He has a few personal favourites in here (the ones where he's hollering at me to keep the beat running) and as always the banter factor in this is just as good as the bars."

Fuxx Sian Ft. Big Narstie tracklist:

Silkie - Majik
Sir Hiss - Cold Caller
Killjoy - Attitude
Sukh Night - Nightcrawler
Filthy Gears - Boston Tea Party
Kid D - Far Away
Kareful X Arkos - Entomb
Footsie - Work All Day
Mistakay - Grafting
Oh91 - Shuttle
Mystry - Liff Remix Instumental
Restraint - Killed in Action
Rynsa Man - Meet Rynnie Shmurda
Filthy Gears - Grime Trap
Beanzo - Gutter
Rude Kid - Wiley Kat
Bless Beats - Fully Involved
Mistakay - Pied Piper Remix
Davinche - The Lost Time
Top Dolla - Flexxing
Ironside - Dutty  

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