wolfgang tillmans’ new poster series explains why the uk should stay in europe

The artist hopes to inspire young voters to register for the EU referendum before the 7 June deadline, and to vote Remain.

by Jack Sunnucks
27 April 2016, 2:45pm

The referendum as to whether the UK should stay in the EU is on Thursday 23 June, and you need to register to vote by 7 June. It's entirely possible you might not be aware of this -- the Remain campaign has hardly been the most attention grabbing, with a dull, polite leaflet plonked through most people's front doors, outlining in measured language why we might want to stay.

Luckily, we now have celebrated German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans on the case. Worried about the number of young voters who haven't registered, he's created a series of posters, which pretty clearly outline why you should register to vote, and that your vote should be to remain in the EU.

On his website, he brilliantly sets out his case. "The weakening of the EU is a goal being actively pursued by strongmen like Vladimir Putin and European parties on the far-right. Brexit could effectively spell the end of the EU. It's a flawed and problematic institution, but on the whole it stands for a democratic worldview, human rights and favours cooperation over confrontation."

We couldn't put it any better ourselves. You can see the series of posters and read Wolfgang's thoughts in full on his website, and register to vote on the Government website.

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